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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

sTuDenT LiFe !!!

School   TiMe
I started to get to know the world when I stepped into school life. I really miss that time! Really miss my friends! I got two best friends ( Mira + Nadiah ) whom I met since I was 8 years old.. Until now, they  are always with me during my happy and sad time.
Nadiah N  Mira

PoLyTechNiC  JoHoR  BahRu
After finishing my secondary school, I further my study at Polytechnic Johor Bahru. At first, I refuse to further my study, but, I did it for the sake of my future...haha... I've done lot of interesting activities as I took Tourism course..
Cik  mYrA
EiN  +  WaNi  +  LiSa
wit   AfIq
mR.  aLanG   a.k.a   mR. BoYoT


WhiTe  WaTeR  RaFTinG
TriP   To  caMeroN
TemPuRunG   CaVe

Endau  EchO  ChaLLenGe

UiTM   In My  HearT

 September 2011 was a "Keramat" date for me. I registered myself  without my willing, to  UiTM  KBM.  I was doing so as my family insisted me to go for undergrad program. 
I'm an undergrad student of Business Management, Bachelor in Human Resource  at KBM.  I will fight for this course for three years. At here, I stay at  Yayasan Melaka  College. I am proud to be the student of KBM as it is one of  the most popular university in Malaysia. 

At first  I was very upset, as I dont have any body to help me in my study. There was a time, I had a feeling to quit my study, but after I got compatible with the atmosphere at KBM, I'm starting to enjoy my study. Other reason that encourage me is my mom's hope to see her daughter having a Degree. I also was influenced by my beloved friends  at here, they are Wahidah, Dura,  Yana, and Izni who always helped me in my study  I've promised myself that I will  strive at KBM , for my future !!! We have promised to compete between  us, to be the best!!

My ClassMaTe

Dura  +  Yana  +  Wahidah
(Thaks a lot as you are always with me, supporting me in my study )

( My Beloved Room Mate )

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