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Saturday, 12 November 2011


sMiLe  FoR  " AweT  MuDa"

What is SNWH??? Why put SNWH???? What's with SNWH?????  I know all of u are wondering what does SNWH stands for?? hahahaha....
I know u might guess it's a combination name of my boyfriend & me or my bestfriends and my name and others... hahahaaa...
If you guess so, then u're definitely wrong....heheheehe

Hurmm, as the demand for the answer is extremeley high, today, I, Wani a.k.a. Melati announce that SNWH is Siti Noriah Wan Halimi Wan Hazwani
SN =>is my beloved mom's name     
WH => the first letter of my late father's name, and also my name

Talking about my siblings, I'm  the middle + I'm the only girl. 
I have 2 eldest brother and 2 younger brother ( actually I have 3 younger bro, but the last one died in an accident ) .
Hazwani or in Arabian the meaning is  "A Gift From ALLAH"  , hahaha, of course, as I'm the only daughter that my parents have.

**Al-Fatehah for my late father and brother....

My  FaMiLy  MeMBeR

Aidil  FiTri  Eid
My  BeLoVeD  MaK