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Sunday, 20 November 2011

InterneT's CrImE

The ArTicLe

My  CommenTs  : 
It is the new millennium, and we are at the dawn of the Information Age. The Information transformation has been following computers changing throughout the past few years. Along with the Internet, an emerging group of elite cyber-surfers have turned into today's computer hackers. Most people don't know about them, most people don't know they exist, but they are out there, waiting for the next victim. In reality, it is not nearly as bad as it sounds, and there chances that it won't happen to you. Thus, precautions are still a pioneer to avoid these things from happening.
There are many fields of hacking on the Internet. The most popular type of hacking is software piracy. According to estimates by the government’s control, as much as RM28.5 billion of software may be illegally copied and distributed annually worldwide. Hackers pirate software merely by uploading software bought in a store to the Internet. Uploading is  sending information from point A (client) to point B (host), while downloading is the  opposite. Once it is uploaded to the Internet, people all over the world have access to it. From there, hackers trade and distribute the software.
Another field of hacking on the Internet is electronic-mail (email) hacking. A hacker can intercept email enroute and read it with no detection. To safeguard this, companies use encryption programs and no one but the sender and its recipient can read it. A mail bomb is another type of hack on the Internet. A mail bomb is simply an attack unleashed by dumping hundreds or thousands of email messages onto a specific address. The only way to fix this problem is to either delete each message one by one, or to call your ISP for help. Email forgery is also common. A hacker can change the return address on any given piece of email to anything they want. This is illegal because you can use someone else's address to send fraudulent email to people.
In the Internet, credit card fraud is also common. Perhaps the most occured is the ability to create false accounts. There are many users were using fake credit card numbers. The scary part is, that almost none of them were caught. Yet another fraud on the Internet is the selling of carded merchandise. Although is it not common, people take real credit cards numbers and buy expensive electronics by phone and then sell them, on the Internet for extremely low prices. There is a huge amount of lost by consumers who have credit card and calling card numbers stolen from online databases. The latest type of Internet crime is “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, where other people sending pyramid schemes and chain letters to people by the thousands. These schemes are illegal scams designed to get your money.
Other type of Internet Crime are viruses, pornography, “warez”, bombs and others. The Internet actually has many good things about it. But, with all good things comes the downside of humanity. The law should recognised and enforced them as the hackers had gone beyond their rights.

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